Ginger and Nuts

Ginger and Nuts

Q & A's

Let's ask Ginger and Nuts a few questions.

What is your favourite food?

  • Ginge: Errrmmm... Sausage and Mash, or Sweet and Sour Chicken from the Chinese Takeaway.
  • Nuts: Hmmm... I thought you were on a diet with me, Ginge? Well, I love all types of food but mainly the naughty stuff like biscuits, cakes and sweets although Iím sticking to my diet. That said, my favourite food would be a lovely Special Curry from the Chinese Takeaway. However, I do like Pickled Eggs and Cockles too but obviously not at the same time.

What is your favourite drink?

  • Ginge: I love a nice cup of tea, it's the first drink of the day for me, and I rarely drink Coffee.
  • Nuts: The drink I love is Coffee, but I rarely ever drink a full cup. Call me weird, but I like a nice mug of Bovril too. I rarely drink alcohol.

What is your favourite pastime?

  • Ginge: I find colouring very therapeutic and enjoy doing this with our five-year-old son, Charlie.
  • Nuts: You can't beat watching old TV shows like CHiPs, Terry and June and Cannon and Ball. It brings back so many beautiful memories, and some of the old comedy shows had brilliant writers.

What is your first record bought?

  • Ginge: The first song I remember buying was Charles and Eddie 'Would I Lie To You'. I think it was from Woolworths but can't remember.
  • Nuts: I remember popping to Woolworths with my pocket money and bought the 7" vinyl of Nellie The Elephant by The Toy Dolls. I remember it had a green sleeve. Strangely, I can't stand the song now.

What is your favourite thing to relax?

  • Ginge: It would probably be sitting down and watching a lovely film with the family, or a lovely family day out although Nuts struggles due to his health.
  • Nuts: I struggle with Mental Health / Anxiety, as well as Fibromyalgia (widespread pain), so it's hard for me to relax. However, I guess sitting down in the evening and watching a film or TV programme is what I love the most. I've now swapped the chocolate nibbles and popcorn for grapes due to our diet.
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